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PNY releases playful and flexible Monkey Tail Attache

151123 PNY releases playful and flexible Monkey Tail Attache

PNY Technologies® Inc. (“PNY”) world renowned manufacturer of USB and Memory products has offered a fun and quirky way to store your personal files with the new Monkey Tail Attaché USB 2.0 flash drive. This light-hearted, cartoon-esque flash drive features a flexible monkey tail hook that can be easily attached on to bags, wallets or handbags. It’s extremely light and portable to carry around your favourite photos, music and other content. With high-speed USB 2.0 transmission, you can transfer and store files quickly wherever you go.

The Monkey Tail Attaché is made with high-quality materials that can be stretched out and extended to clasp on to keychain or wallets. The creatively designed monkey tail retains its original shape after being stretched and transforms back to its former curved tail structure. It weighs only 7g, which means you can easily carry it along with you to classrooms or office.

The drive protects your important data from dust, temperature changes, water and is magnet proof. The handy transparent cap protects the USB port from any external damage. Despite its cute and cartoony appearance, the Monkey Tail Attaché is a sturdy flash drive that can store large media files with up to 32GB of storage space.

The Monkey Tail Attaché offers storage capacity ranging from 8GB to 32GB. It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows 2000/ XP / Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 Mac OS: 10.3 and above. The drive comes backed with an impressive warranty of 5 years within the date of purchase.
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