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    RTX 4000 splash screen issues & FAQ

    もし私のRTX 4090/RTX 4080がブラックスクリーンの問題を抱えた場合、どうすればいいでしょうか?


    NVIDIAはこの問題を検知して解決しており、NVIDIA GPUファームウェアの更新が必要な場合があります。更新をしない場合、UEFIモードの特定のマザーボード上でグラフィックカードが起動時にブラックスクリーンになる可能性があります。この更新は、起動時にブラックスクリーンが発生している場合にのみ適用する必要があります。

    以下のリンクからNVIDIA GPU UEFIファームウェア更新ツールをダウンロードし、指示に従ってください。

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    Can I control the lighting effects on the graphics card with the PNY VelocityX APP?





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    What is the operating temperature of my PNY graphics card?

    Your PNY graphics card temperature will depend greatly on the environment that the card is installed into, case fans, and airflow, however any temperature below 105C or 235F is acceptable for any PNY Graphics card to operate normally.
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    Why do my fans NOT spin?

    New Maxwell Nvidia graphics cards (GTX 960, 980/TI, 970, 950) have a new feature where the graphics processor allows these graphics cards to run passively cooled until a certain temperature threshold before the fans turn on and spin. (within 65-70C range).  This is completely Normal and is not a cause for concern.  When a graphics load is put on the card and the temperature rises the fans will start and cool the card down.
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    What is the optimal power to run a PNY Verto GeForce Graphics Card?

    Power Supply requirements vary depending on the video card purchased. Please refer to side panel of your graphics card box for the recommended system Power Supply.
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    How can I return, exchange or receive a refund for a defective PNY Graphics Card?

    A refund may be obtained from the retail store where the graphics card was purchased, depending on the store's return/exchange/refund policy. PNY Technologies will honor its Product Warranty if an item is defective. Product warranties differ between products and you should consult the box for your product or contact Technical support to determine the warranty policy for your product.
    To exchange the graphics card, contact PNY customer service center.
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    Will NVIDIA SLI™ technology support surround gaming with 3 or more monitors? ?

    Yes. Using NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround technology, it is possible to combine up to 3 monitors and have games detect the three monitors as one single large monitor.
    If you want to use 3D vision surround technology on your computer, must use specific system requirements specifications. All displays must be the same make and model 3D Vision-Ready displays. For a full list of 3D Vision-Ready display devices, please check Nvidia website.
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    Does my PNY Graphics Card support TV through the VGA connector?

    PNY Graphics Cards do not support TV out via VGA. TV out is limited to cards that have HDMI out and, on older PNY graphics cards, Svideo/Component Out.
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    Will two different video cards work in SLI?

    No, you must match the video cards to properly implement SLI. The two cards can be from any manufacturer, as long as they are the same GPU and memory type. For best results, PNY recommends that when possible try to use two of the same cards from the same manufacturer to avoid problems. For example, two 8800 GT 512 MB will work even if each card is from a different manufacturer; however, an 8800 GT will not work with a 8800 GTS, as there is a different GPU.
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    Where can I download the latest GeForce Drivers for my graphics card?

    All Drivers are available on the NVIDIA website.
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