• OTG Drives

    How can I view my backed up phone contacts on a computer?

    The contacts' backup is intended for viewing only via the DUO LINK app.
    Do not attempt to view the backup contents on a computer.
  • OTG Drives

    Why is my DUO LINK not recognized on my phone?

    Due to device's reset timing, it is recommended that, after DUO LINK is disconnected from mobile device, that end user waits for 30 seconds before attempting to reconnect. This will allow the Lightning port to reset for further use.
  • OTG Drives

    How do I directly capture a photo to the DUO LINK?

    Tap on the “Camera icon” on top left corner.
  • OTG Drives

    How do I set a password on DUO LINK?

    • Tap on “Gear icon” to access DUO LINK settings.
    • Tap on “Privacy Setting”.
    • Slide “USB Drive encryption” toggle to the right.
    • Enter a six-digit password.
    • Re-enter the same six-digit password.
    • Note: Remember to turn encryption “off” before connecting PNY DUO LINK OTG to any computer.
  • OTG Drives

    How do I transfer my photos and videos from my iOS device to PNY DUO LINK OTG?

    1. Tap on Transfer Media and select the type of file to transfer.
    2. Tap on Multiselect and select the files to transfer.
    3. On the lower right corner, tap on Copy To.
    4. Select folder destination.
    5. Tap on Paste
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